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Our mission is based on the core idea that potential exists in all children! Potential describes not only who we are, but who we can become. When inspired, this potential can propel any child to achieve things they did not think were possible.  We hope to inspire and empower all children, especially children with learning challenges, to believe they can achieve goals and reach success however they define it.

We hold steadfast to the belief that all children—with and without any learning differences—are a blessing, each with his or her own unique gifts to offer. Their value is not based on age, gender, background, ethnicity, religion, and particularly not based on any learning differences.

Inspiring Possibilities Thru Hope



Effect Hopes is built on the concept that “love” is a fundamental life essence. Love for the greater good and contributing to what is best for others fills one’s heart and spirit with lasting joy.



Hope is essential to a “better tomorrow”. We strive to inspire all children to dream bigger, reach higher, and make a difference so that hope can thrive.



We are builders and encouragers. We believe in helping children help themselves. Through helping children help themselves, we aim to further the potential for their individual and shared success.

In Loving Memory Of


Arbin Yu

1960 - 2021

Founder of Progressive and On-Track Marketing & Research Consultants, boutique companies dedicated to quality research for generation of effective marketing strategies to boost brand development and brand building. Arbin’s son, Tom, was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, and mild dyslexia at the age of four. Through helping Tom, Arbin discovered that when “special” children’s learning is customized to the way they learn best, these children are much more likely to overcome their challenges. And, thus began Arbin’s commitment to enhancing the lives and learning pathways of children with special needs.



Effect Hopes is born out of the firm belief that all life matters.

We exist to inspire people to contribute to making a difference in the cherish of such life and begin with our first mission of “special children and their learning enhancement”.

We hold steadfast to the belief that all children – with and without any “specialness” – are a blessing, each with his or her own unique gifts to offer.  And, it is our ambition to help them bring those gifts to life.

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