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Adam Bryant


Asperger Syndrome

Aspiring to create his own films or shows that offer entertainment yet positive lessons, Adam Bryant is an artist who draws, produces original 2D animation, and does acrylic and watercolor. He’s been doing art “as far back as can remember” and does so to “bring people joy and positivity.”

Winning quite a few contests and awards for his art throughout middle and high school, Adam says, “It’s definitely nice to have recognition, but that’s not the most important thing I want out of my art.” His love is to come up with original characters that have a bit of himself or the way he sees the world, or with a touch of fun and humor.

Adam attributes his successes in art in part to having Asperger Syndrome. Diagnosed in the sixth grade, Adam feels it has had a positive effect, allowing him to keep focus while helping him come up with creative ideas and seeing things in a different way.

Where Asperger’s has presented challenges for Adam is social interactions, mainly difficulties “reading” people and grasping social cues. But even here, art has helped. Adam says, “Drawing gave me a way to express myself better than I could with words. It allowed me to make friends by sharing my art.”

“Art lets me find joy through creating something,” Adam further shares. He urges artists with learning differences to

“stay persistent… always keep hope and never feel afraid to talk to those you love or ask for their help!”

Adam welcomes you to connect with him at or @adambryant-artist.

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