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Cheri Homaee


Dyslexia & Color Blindness

Drawing before even starting grade school, Cheri Homaee recalls always drawing and doodling. Even in her first job as a mailroom clerk, she recounts drawing on packages. With the internet, Cheri now devotes most of her time to digital illustration work, but occasionally still get asked to do some traditional work.

Though challenged with dyslexia and color blindness, Cheri has never let these get in her way. “I try not to let these or outside forces affect my artwork. I just try harder,” Cheri says. “Back in the days, people weren’t diagnosed with these conditions; you just trudged through.”

At first, Cheri put aside her artistic calling. “Engineering was at the top of the list for careers in demand, so I got a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.” Since the internet explosion, Cheri has happily picked up illustration work again. She says, “I am getting into doing more illustration work digitally.”

Though Cheri hasn’t sought any awards for her work, her traditional artwork and photography have been published in trade and textbooks, as well as selected for art shows in the past. Such is not Cheri’s focus, however. She simply likes doing illustration!

“I just want to do art for the fun of drawing. I really like doing fantasy … working on a portfolio for that purpose,” Cheri remarks. Her advice to artists with learning challenges,

“Whatever you are doing, keep trying. Don’t give up!”

Cheri welcomes you to connect with her at or @cherihomaee.

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