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Christine Driscoll


Asperger Syndrome

Striving to be a 2D character animator and/or storyboard artist in any animation studio, Christine Driscoll has been a lover of drawing since a toddler. She described her childhood artwork as “a bit wacky but imaginative” and attributed the joy of doing art to her Asperger Syndrome.

Since seventh grade, Christine has been creating original characters with inspirations. Studying at the Savannah College of Art & Design, she won the Fall 2013 contest for the SCAD Storyboarding Club. Then in Sept 2016, Christine’s short film “Pup Art” won the Award of Excellence by the VSA Emerging Artists Program at JFK Center.

Nevertheless, Christine remarked, “I don’t think about awards too much when I do art. The greatest reward is not an award but improvements in my art skills.” To Christine, drawing has always brought her happiness and a healthy means to releasing her emotions.

Not only has Christine been gifted with the talent of cartooning, storyboarding, 2D animation, and graphic design, she also expressed ambition of becoming an author to write novels, short stories, and poems with her own original illustrations.

Challenging herself with illustrating workdays of 8-9 hours, Christine has overcome a number of struggles from her Asperger Syndrome – meltdowns, OCD, anxiety, impulsivity, and being alone.

Besides the advice of “don’t stop doing art,” Christine would like to remind other artists with learning differences “not to worry about making ‘perfect art’ because there is no such thing.”

Christine welcomes you to connect with her at or

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