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Izzy Joy


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Izzy Joy is a talented illustrator, who uses art as a way to communicate nonverbally. She enjoys translating narratives into visual expressions. “My personal artwork is definitely about connecting people with each other and with nature … uplifting people, especially young women, and raising understanding and compassion toward people that are struggling in life” Izzy remarks.

A quiet and shy child, Izzy points out her parents knew that she was different but did not seek an official diagnosis. Though Izzy confirmed her Autism as an adult, she recalls struggling since very young with making eye contact, anxiety, and disorientation around noises. Drawing would always calm her.

“I started going to private art classes when I was twelve, won a scholarship at University, and third place in an art show when a child,” Izzy shares. “But I don’t really like to enter competitions—too stressful. I just try to be the best that I can be.”

Autism plays a large role in Izzy’s work life. Unable to filter noises, she prefers to work from home through online networking, following a strict schedule and routine. Izzy begins her days with stretches and Karakia, illustrates mostly in silence, and drinks many cups of tea to stay calm and focused.

With Autism comes challenges, but Izzy embraces them. She encourages other learning-different artists,

“Be true to yourself. You know yourself the most and how your work environment needs to be for you to create your best work.”

Izzy welcomes you to connect with her at or @izzyjoyart.

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