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Stacey R. Campbell



Stacey R. Campbell is an author, mother, and advocate for children with learning challenges. Stacey loves to be active, and when she is not writing she can be found: humming along to music in the car with her three daughters, sailing with her husband, skiing, playing tennis, or tossing the ball with her two dogs.

When Stacey was nine years old, she was told she would never become a writer because she had dyslexia. Stacey didn’t listen, though, because she rarely listens when someone tells her something is not possible.

“When I was young, I really struggled with reading and spelling,” she recalls. “It was hard for me to sit still and concentrate on what the teacher was saying. I was teased and went to special classes, where I was separated from my peers in order to catch up on the material. It wasn’t until I was an adult with children of my own that I really began to love books. It was then that I finally found the courage to sit down at my computer and start writing.”

Stacey still can’t spell, but she graduated from the University of Washington and currently sits on the Ambassador’s Board for the College of Education. She is the author of the young adult Lakeview books, Hush, Whisper, Scream, and Silence; the highly acclaimed middle grade novel, ARRGH!, and the picture book Sock Monster.

Nothing is impossible if you believe it with all your heart. –– Stacey R. Campbell

Stacey loves connecting with readers on her website, on @authorstaceyrcampbell and on @authorstaceyrcampbell.

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